What Is ABC

Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) is one of the several organisations of the same name operating in different parts of world.

The ABC founded in 1948 is a not for profit, voluntary organisation consisting of Publishers, Advertisers and Advertising Agencies. It has done pioneering work in developing audit procedures to verify the circulation data published by those newspapers and periodicals which have earned the right to display its emblem.


The Working of ABC

Bureau's Council of Management functions as the Board of Directors which is the main policy making body. Council members meet frequently atleast once in two months.

Bureau's Council of Management comprises of
  • 8 elected representatives of Publisher members
  • 4 elected representatives of Advertising Agency members
  • 4 elected representatives of Advertiser members


ABC & the Publisher

ABC's primary objective is to arrive at and certify authentic circulation figures representing Net Paid Sales of member publications and disseminate the data for the use of space buyers. Together with the ABC Certificate, data on territorial distribution of copies in various states, major cities and small towns is included as an add on.


ABC & the Advertising Agency

ABC provides its member advertising agencies with uptodate audited circulation data every - six months relating to member publications in the country. This circulation data covers distribution of copies in various states, major cities and even smaller towns which are potential markets. The half-yearly ABC Certificates are used for media planning. To get maximum value for their clients, the ABC Certificates enable advertising agencies to compare the circulation trends of various newspapers and periodicals.


ABC & the Advertiser

Advertisers require to know to what extent any advertising medium is an effective sales promoter and consequently must have knowledge of two factors (1) cost of the advertisement and (2) the results which he expects from the advertisement. Any calculation of results must necessarily be based on the scope of audience which the advertiser is addressing and in the case of a newspaper or a periodical this is directly related to number of copies which are in circulation..


ABC & the Organisation

The ABC plays an important role together with DAVP, Press Registrar and Publicity Officers of the various State Governments and Public Sector undertakings to improve, promote and project nationally accepted objectives through the medium of the press.