The Working of ABC

Bureau's Council of Management functions as the Board of Directors which is the main policy making body. Council members meet frequently atleast once in two months.

Bureau's Council of Management comprises of:

  • 8 elected representatives of Publisher members
  • 4 elected representatives of Advertising Agency members
  • 4 elected representatives of Advertiser members

The position of Chairman of the Council of Management rotates every year between the senior most publisher member and senior most non publisher member on the Council (Advertising Agency and Advertiser). Chairman is elected by the Council of Management every year.

The Bureau (ABC) certifies circulation figures of member publications every six months i.e. for the audit periods January to June and July to December. The Audits of circulation figures are carried out by empanelled firms of Chartered Accountants as per the prescribed Bureau's audit guidelines and procedures.

Bureau also has a separate panel of Bureau auditors to undertake surprise checks and surprise recheck audits as deemed essential by the Bureau. All members of the Bureau receive online thru Bureau's website "" certified circulation data of member publications along with the distribution statements duly mentioning the state, district, town in which member publications are distributed. The average qualifying sales of those member publications who comply with the prescribed audit guidelines are certified by the Bureau. The certified circulation data is primarily used for media planning purpose by various media agencies, print media advertisers and government publicity departments.

The day-to-day activities of the Bureau are carried out by the Secretariat as per the directions of the Bureau's Council of Management.