A Guide to ABC Audit


Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) is a not for profit organisation constituted in the year 1948. Going back six decades when the concept of circulation audit was yet to be established in our country, advertisers had no means to know the actual circulation numbers of publications that they used for advertising and had to depend more on their own judgement. Publishers also found it difficult to convince advertisers of the relative values of their publication for the purpose of advertising. It is with this background, eminent representatives of the advertising profession and publishing industry came together to establish an organization which could serve common interest. Since then the benefit of ABC certificate of circulation have been availed by advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers and organisations connected with print media advertising.

The primary objective of the Bureau is to secure accurate circulation figures and data relating to all periodicals and media that sell advertising space and in regard to such publications to obtain information as to area of distribution and fix standard forms and methods for ascertaining the circulation figures and to record such information and circulate it to members of the ABC.

Bureau certifies circulation figures of member publications for a six-monthly audit period i.e. January to June and July to December. The system envisages a comprehensive audit of printing, distribution, financial and production records of member publications by a panel of empanelled auditors as per the audit guidelines laid down by the Bureau from time to time.

This Guide has been updated upto December 2022.